Friday, November 2, 2012

Officially Training for a Marathon!

This morning, Tamara and I ventured off base, running 10 miles to the Sunabe Seawall to Sunset Beach and then back on base. We witnessed the sun rising, the waves crashing and the brand new day beginning for Okinawa. It’s moments like these that help you forget your legs are cramping, your body is aching and you’d rather be sleeping.  

This was the second long run of a 17-week training program I’ve committed to that will prepare me for the Okinawa City Marathon on February 17th. Over the course of the next three and half months, I will gradually work up to 20 miles, then taper off my mileage about two weeks before the race.

I’ve recruited Tamara as my running partner, a friend I’ve been jogging with since June.  If it weren’t for her, I would be way more tempted to hit the snooze button at 5am! Having someone to talk to during a two-hour run makes training something to look forward to. It’s that little slot out of the day where we can share unfiltered conversations, vent our frustrations, and encourage each other’s hopes and aspirations.

(When I’m not running with Tamara, I run with Allison who likes to chat, but prefers to be fast ;))

And what is my plan for conquering this marathon?

Soaking in every second of the scenery, keeping a smile on my face, and taking each run one step at a time.

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